Polynomial doesn't have a token and rewards are in OP. Don't get scammed.

Retroactive Airdrop

The OP retroactive airdrop is distributed to the users who are early users of the Earn Vaults v1, as per this Governance Proposal.

Snapshot date: Friday, 13 May 2022 (1652429638)

Amount : 180,000 $OP


  • Users should have deposited at least $69

  • Participated in min. one active round.


f(x)=āˆ‘W(t)ā‹…tāˆ’āˆ‘ā‹…D(t)āˆ—t+STā‹…RFf(x) = \sum W(t)\cdot t - \sum \cdot D(t)*t + ST\cdot RF

W(t) withdraws the amount at time t,

D(t) deposit amount at time t.

ST = snapshot time,

RF = remaining funds.

All times are in unix timestamp In the end; the whole score is divided by 604800 (number of seconds in week/round)

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity Mining for Polynomial Earn Vaults hasn't started yet.

Amount : 450,000 $OP

Criteria : Future users of Polynomial Products

Future vault users of the polynomial earn vaults will earn liquidity mining rewards.

f(x)=Ī±āˆ—(OPāˆ—Cx)/āˆ‘(Ci)f(x) = \alpha * (OP * C_x )/\sum(C_i)

OP is Total OP allocation

C is vault capacity

Alpha is vaults multiplier (newer vaults ~1.5-2x).

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