Users can withdraw at any time from the vault. There will be a minimum withdrawal time to process the withdrawal from the vault to your wallet.

Minimum withdrawal time

Since there is no round system in the newer version, there will be a minimum withdrawal time to exit from the position. The min withdrawal time ranges between 6-24hours.

Withdrawal flow

Request to withdraw

A user can request to withdraw at any point in time. The withdraw tab is available inside each vault page near the deposit tab.

Pending withdraw

Since there is no round system in the newer version of the earn vaults, the users can withdraw the funds from the wallet after the min withdrawal time. It will be available on the vault strategy page.
After completing the min withdrawal time, the assets will be credited to your account. Once a withdrawal is pending, your deposits will no longer be auto compounding. Withdrawal Fee
If the user withdraws while the vaults have an active position, the vault will charge a 1% withdrawal fee for closing the position.
For the option selling vaults, after contracts expire for the week - there'll be a 2-hour gap before selling resumes; during this time, the vaults will charge no fees on withdrawals.
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