Users can deposit synthetic assets like sETH,sUSD, etc., to the respective Strategy vaults. The vault receives assets from depositors and invests in options strategy. There will be a min deposit time to process the deposits into the vault. All vaults are now tokenized with corresponding ERC-20 tokens to represent user balance. The net Asset Value (NAV) of the vaults is calculated to price the vault tokens. These vault tokens can be integrated into the rest of DeFi since the vault tokens act as a yield-bearing asset on the deposit token; the possibilities are endless.
Vault capacity
Polynomial Earn vaults are capped at a $1 million capacity. Deposit from a unique address is uncapped.

Min deposit time

Since there is no round system in the newer version, there will be a min deposit time to enter into the position. The min deposit time ranges between 4 hours.

Deposit flow

To deposit to the vaults, the user has to approve the asset in the wallet.
After approval, users can enter the amount to deposit.
The popup will come after the successful deposit.
Since there is a min deposit time, users can see the progress of the deposit on the vault page.
After the min deposit time criteria, the vaults will process, and the user can view the positions in the position tab on the portfolio page.
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Deposit flow